~ What is the difference between a body butter and lotion?

  • Body butters are much thicker than lotion and are more oil based unlike lotions which are more of a combination of water and oils. Body butters provide longer lasting effects when it comes to moisturizing and hydrating the skin.

~ How do I use body butter?

  • Because of body butters thicker consistency it is best when used fresh out of the shower on pre-dampened skin so that your skin can absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and moisture.

~ What if I am allergic to coconut oil/butter ? 

  • We have stopped using coconut butter and coconut oil unless it is requested because of it's effect on sensitive skin and the amount of customers we deal with that have allergies. 

~ What if I leave my butter out in the sun and it melts?

  •  We use natural emulsifiers to try to keep the oils from separating but when that does not work:
  • If your body butter melts you can leave it out for a few hours or closely watch it in refrigerator. It will return to its solid state although there may be a difference in the whipped consistency. 

-How often should I use the body scrub?

  • 1-2x a week for sensitive skin
  • 2-3x a week for normal skin types
  • 3-4x a week for oily skin types

- Is getting the entire face bundle really necessary?

  • Our face care bundles are strategically made not only hit all of your skins problems areas but also get it to a healthy state. Attaining perfect skin isn’t realistic but healthy skin that doesn’t break out or react or every little thing is. 
  • Face toners- help to get rid of any additional impurities on your skin, soothe sunburn and irritation, and hydrate your skin 
  • Face and body scrubs help to gently remove dirt, makeup, sweat, and additional oils from your skin while restoring the moisture 
  • Face masks are the powerhouse of our products, and I feel the most effective when it comes to tackling your problem areas whether it’s acne, oily skin, or excessive dry skin 
  • Face oils are essential when locking in moisture and balancing out natural oils on your skin 

-How long does it take to get my order?

  • If your order is placed over the weekend we make it our goal to have your order out by Wednesday at the latest so that you will receive your order before the weekend and it won't be sitting in the warehouse. If your order is placed at the beginning of the week please give us 2-3 business days. All correspondence will be sent through text if you've subscribed to our text list as well as your email.


 For any other questions or concerns please email tesbodyessentials@tesbodyessentials.com with your Name, Phone number, Order # (if applicable) and question.