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”Beauty is being comfortable in your own skin.”

What sets us apart at TES Body Essentials is that we understand skincare is so much deeper than just the products you're using. Skincare is honestly an entire lifestyle and it is based off products but also our diet and habits have a huge impact on the health of our skin as well.

Joining our brand means not only getting access to products to get your skin healed and thriving but it also means getting the knowledge of habits or foods that can be causing things like eczema, acne, hair loss, or severely dry skin.

The only way to truly handle these issues is by finding the root of them.

Let us help you get some clarity and get that confidence back. Reach out to us via email for help on selecting products and check out our instagram @tesbodyessentialsllc for our healthy skincare and self care tips.

Keep Your Yoni pH Balanced!

  • Dejah - Oatmeal & Honey Mask

    Omgggg listen!!! That mask??? My face felt absolutely amazing. It felt moisturized & I used it after I took my makeup off & it just added that feeling of my face actually feeling clean.

    Stock up on Oatmeal & Honey ! 
  • All Yours Yoni Oil

    I liked all of them especially the yoni oil bc it smells so good!

    Start Your Yoni Care Journey Today! 
  • Amour Body Butter


    Grab your butter today! 
  • Glow Face Oil x Foaming Aloe Vera Wash

    I’m impressed and I will be buying more ! I was worried about my chin and now the worry is GONE!

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