Behind the Brand - Meet Our Sheo

Meet Our Sheo - Tatiana. “My intentions for this brand didn’t start out as a brand at all actually, I just wanted to expand on MY self care routine and find products to soothe my skin throughout pregnancy. After going through so many bodily changes my eczema was flaring up more than ever and my typical go to products just weren’t doing what I needed them to anymore” 

We have created TES Body Essentials for the people who have that busy and demanding lifestyle. You know, to the point where it’s like your self care is constantly put on the back burner. Where it has gotten to the point that you know you need to pay more attention to it, but by the time you have the time to you don’t even know where to start. 

We want to help you effortlessly meet your skincare goals and we’re here to walk you through every step. Whether you want that confidence and glow you once had, or you’re struggling with persistent acne, or battle with dry flaky skin that is constantly inflamed and seems to never go away.

Our products will meet all of your skincare needs with speedy and efficient results. 

TES Body Essentials is here to cater to your skincare needs. Chat with us or email us at and we will complete a tailored routine according to your lifestyle and skincare needs.